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Month: February 2019

Digital Advisory Board

Digital Advisory Board

Committees and Councils
Fri, 02/22/2019 – 15:19

October 10, 2018

The NRF Digital Advisory Board (invitation only) was formed to advise NRF on its digital strategy and execution to enable the NRF to provide holistic value to retailers, digital retailers and the companies that serve them. The primary goals and objectives of this advisory board are to:

Provide guidance and ideas for educational content for live events, focusing on the impact of digital on the retail industry, and digital delivery
Advise on strategic and tactical direction and execution of digital and live events
Recommend areas of research and benchmarking opportunities
Be an NRF Advocate and assist in building the Digital Community driving participation in NRF, its programs and services, and its events, primarily but not limited to NRF NXT, Retail’s Digital Deep Dive
Define the qualifications, education and experience expected of entry-level candidates to compete in the di..