Rays and Circles LifeProof iPhone Case

Make sure your phone is as tough as you are with a LifeProof® case! WaterProof, DirtProof and DropProof, the LifeProof® FRĒ® is the perfect companion for all your adventures. It’s compact, tough design and built in screen protector ensure that your precious phone can survive each epic adventure you embark on.

  • Designed for the Apple iPhone 6/6s Plus
  • Materials: Polycarbonate, polypropylene, synthetic rubber & silicone
  • 360 degree coverage with an integrated scratch protector
  • Device ports, controls and features remain accessible, audio adaptor included
  • Optical-glass lens cover for crisp and clear photos and videos
  • Sound enhancement system for rich sound clarity
  • WaterProof design: Submersible to 6.6 ft. for 1 hour
  • DirtProof design: Sealed from dirt and dust
  • SnowProof design: Closed to ice and snow
  • DropProof design: Survives drops from up to 6.6 ft.

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