Study: What drives brand loyalty in personal care?



When consumers select personal care brands, they look beyond price.

According to a new survey of over 2,000 U.S. consumers from online marketplace and Morning Consult, 65% of respondents cited well-made products as a determining factor in their loyalty to a personal care brand. This was followed by knowing from experience a certain brand’s products last a long time (46%). Being well-priced ranked third with mention by 36% of respondents, followed closely by being inexpensive (32%).

Less-popular personal care brand loyalty factors include brand values and ethics (23%), awareness that a brand’s products cause no harm to the environment (22%), and positive interactions with customer service (15%).

Within the personal care range, the likelihood of a consumer being loyal to a particular brand varies by type of product. Deodorant (46%) is the personal care product which American consumers are most loyal to a particular brand. Following deodorant are:

  • Toothpaste (41%)
  • Shampoo (33%)
  • Shaving razor (29%)
  • Mouthwash (29%)
  • Body wash (24%)
  • Perfume/cologne (22%)
  • Facial wash (22%)
  • Facial moisturizer (22%)
  • Shaving cream (20%)
  • Body moisturizer (19%)

“The key takeaway for personal care brands is that consumers appreciate quality and when they delivery on this, that’s when they can truly establish a favorable reputation and gain a loyal customer base,” said Cas Paton, managing director of

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