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Report: Amazon supports employee health program with acquisition

amazon worker

Amazon is reportedly purchasing a digital health startup to help provide Amazon Care services.

According to CNBC, the e-tail titan has purchased Chicago-based Health Navigator for an undisclosed sum. Health Navigator provides tools that enable telemedicine providers to remotely diagnose symptoms and perform triage to help determine whether patients should see a doctor, go directly to a hospital, or stay home. 

Neither Amazon nor Health Navigator has publicly confirmed the acquisition, but Amazon acknowledged the purchase to CNBC. Health Navigator will presumably be folded into Amazon Care, an employee health program the retailer quietly launched in September 2019. Currently being piloted for eligible Amazon workers and their families in Seattle, Amazon Care is designed to be a “first stop” healthcare provider for urgent issues such as colds, allergies, infections, and minor injuries. Amazon Care can also provide preventative heath consults, vaccines and lab work; sexual health services; and answers to general family health questions.

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