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Liberty London launch festive Tree of Liberty windows and atrium

The narrative for this year’s renowned Liberty Christmas windows is the wonderfully mystical Tree of Liberty.

Rich, festive and bejewelled, in partnership with Liberty’s creative team StudioXAG has produced an expansive Christmas display for the department store’s Great Marlborough Street windows and grand atrium.

Briefed with the fantastical tale of the Tree of Liberty far far away in an Age of Wonder, StudioXAG references Liberty’s creative concept and brings it to life, transforming Liberty’s windows into a vibrant, unearthly wilderness.

StudioXAG hand sculpted the vast Tree of Liberty, wrapping it in deep teal velvet. Branches adorned with natural moss to evoke blossoms are scattered with twinkling lights. Rich shimmering terrain creates an organic, earthy landscape. Mythical fruits resembling precious geodes adorn the display, constructed in shattered resin, hand-painted and cocooned in cotton velvet. Magical animals created by Billie Achilleos complete an intriguing and majestical menagerie of colour.

Instore a suspended, eight-metre high iridescent and textural Tree of Liberty also emerges from Liberty’s atrium, gently creeping up inside the department store’s scarves hall, completing this mesmerising scheme.

Over 400kg of moss and approximately 230 metres of teal cotton velvet were used in this expansive display for Liberty windows and atrium.

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