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Non-personal data panel pings ecommerce companies Amazon, Flipkart for talks, Retail News, ET Retail

Non-personal data panel pings ecommerce companies Amazon, Flipkart for talks BENGALURU | NEW DELHI: The government panel tasked with drafting a report to govern the use of non-personal data will meet ecommerce companies, including Amazon and Flipkart next week, as it kick-starts the consultation process on how to regulate community, anonymised and ecommerce data in India, multiple sources familiar with the matter told ET.

Ride-hailing companies Uber and Ola made presentations before the committee headed by Infosys cofounder Kris Gopalakrishnan a few weeks ago. The panel also met several health and health-tech companies. The committee has sent a list of questions to Amazon, Flipkart and other ecommerce companies, and it expects answers to these during next week’s meeting, according to a source.

“Next is going to be ecommerce companies. The government wants to understand how they look at the issue of non-personal data,” said a government official. Another official said the panel was seeking answers on how these technology platforms use data, what their pain points with possible portability might be and what will compel them to share data.

An official with one of the ride-hailing firms said it had given a presentation before the committee.

“We had some views on non-personal data which we shared with the committee,” said the person, adding that the policy should be drafted with care since companies like Ola and Uber are just aggregators. Panel chairman Gopalakrishnan and Ola declined to comment, while emails sent to Uber, Amazon and Flipkart remained unanswered. The panel will continue to meet all companies that deal with data to seek their views on drafting the Bill, a person familiar with the matter said.

These consultations are closeddoor and the panel has not yet decided on whether it would conduct wider public consultations like it was done during the drafting of the personal data protection Bill by the Srikrishna Committee.

The Ministry of Electronics and IT set up the committee in September to study various issues relating to non-personal data and to make specific suggestions for consideration of the central government on regulation of such data.

The government believes privately collected digital data could be a necessary requirement for policy making, governance and public service delivery in many areas. India would be the first to come up with a law to regulate non-personal data. ET reported last month that the government may await the panel’s report before finalising the personal data Bill, which has been on the backburner for a year.

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