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Zappos adds fast shipping to new loyalty perks


An online footwear, apparel and accessories retailer is making its loyalty program more rewarding.

Zappos is introducing Zappos VIP, a revamped and simplified version of the former Zappos Rewards loyalty program. Perhaps most significantly, the e-tailer is now upgrading shipping for VIP members to have orders arrive in one business day, without minimum purchase or other qualification.

In addition, Zappos is issuing refunds to VIP members after the first scan by UPS. Points are earned at the same rate and value as previously, but are calculated in a simpler way. Members can redeem points for VIP coupon codes and also earn bonus points. Amazon Prime members can link their Prime membership to double their VIP point earnings (Zappos has been owned by Amazon since 2009). Without making a purchase, members can earn five VIP points per day for logging in and 10 points for reviewing previous purchases.

Other VIP benefits include being able to shop select brands during special promotional periods to earn bonus points, such as surge pricing for clothing discounts. The company also removed tiers to allow all VIP members to get the same perks.

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