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Amazon Project Zero to rid platform of fakes, Retail News, ET Retail

BENGALURU: Amazon will empower brands in India to directly remove a seller’s listings from its platform through a new programme called Project Zero, in a bid to fight against counterfeit and fake goods on its platform.

Project Zero, rolled out in the United States, Europe and Japan over the last eight months, has been launched in India at a time when the government is in the process of framing specific rules to tackle sale of counterfeits online.

Amazon will use technology to take down listings it believes are counterfeits automatically, and give certified brands the ability to remove listings without approval from Amazon.

“If, for some reason, our automated protections miss a counterfeit listing that makes it onto our marketplace, a brand can on their own find that item and pull it down,” said Dharmesh Mehta, Amazon’s vice president of customer trust and partner support. “It’s the first time that we’ve put this much power in a brand’s hands.”

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