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3 killed at Walmart in Duncan, Oklahoma


Google Earth view of a Walmart in Duncan, OK where a shooting has been reported on Nov. 18th, 2019.

Google Earth

Two men and a woman have been fatally shot at a Walmart in Duncan, Oklahoma, according to multiple media reports.

Duncan Police Chief Danny Ford told The Associated Press that two of the people killed were in a vehicle outside the store, and the third person killed was in the parking lot. No Walmart employees were involved, and the store wasn’t evacuated. Reuters said it was unclear if there were any more victims.

The Duncan Banner newspaper, citing police sources, said the shooter was among the dead.

Walmart said it would be “assisting however possible.”

“This was an isolated incident in the parking lot and was not an active shooter situation,” a spokesman told CNBC in an emailed statement.

Additional details on the shooting, which took place about 80 miles south of Oklahoma City, couldn’t immediately be confirmed.

The incident follows two other deadly shootings at Walmart stores earlier this year. In July, a disgruntled former employee walked into a Walmart store in Mississippi and killed two. In August, 22 died at a store in El Paso, Texas. That location reopened to the public last week.

Walmart initially faced backlash, including from its own employees, for not immediately pulling weapons from stores following the shootings.

But then Walmart on Sept. 3 said it would discontinue all sales of handgun ammunition and sales of short-barrel rifle ammunition that can be used with military-style weapons, following the two “horrific” instances. It said it would stop all handgun sales in Alaska, marking its complete exit from the handguns category.

It also started asking customers at Walmart and Sam’s Club to no longer openly carry firearms in stores, in states where “open carry” is allowed, unless they are authorized law enforcement officers.

CEO Doug McMillon had said he would be encouraging other retailers to act “to make the overall industry safer.”

“We are exploring ways to share the technical specifications and compliance controls for our proprietary firearms sales technology platform,” he said at the time. “This system navigates the tens of millions of possible combinations of federal, state and local laws, regulations and licensing requirements that come into effect based on where the firearm is being sold and who is purchasing it. We hope that providing this information, free of charge, will help more retailers sell firearms in a responsible, compliant manner.”

Walmart shares were up about 1.5% Monday afternoon.

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