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Bonaveri Acquires Rootstein Mannequins – Retail Focus

Bonaveri, based in Ferrara, Italy has acquired the English brand Rootstein. Known for being the first brand to give form, aesthetics and allure to mannequins, Rooststein has been defining the needs of the fashion industry since the 50s.

Founded over half a century ago, Bonaveri is today led by Andrea and Guido Bonaveri. The company boasts a strong track record and years of experience in similar acquisitions. In 2001, Bonaveri acquired the iconic Swiss mannequin brand Schlaeppi.

A historic mannequin designing company, Rootstein forged its notable identity as the reference brand for the realistic mannequin, establishing its unique approach by creating life-like mannequins in the images of some of the most original women in the fashion world: Twiggy, Pat Cleveland, Johan Collins, Jerry Hall, Jasmine Le bon, Sandy Show and many more.

It is with this exceptional collection of models, drawings, figure and mould studies enshrined in the Rootstein Archive that compelled Bonaveri towards the acquisition: an extraordinary legacy now destined to be shaped according to the Bonaveri vision.

Rootstein represents a milestone in the evolution of mannequins” – declares Andrea Bonaveri, CEO of the company – “having been the first to give a form to contemporary aesthetics, inspired by models and real-life figures who perfectly embodied the spirit of the time. With this acquisition we were able to make a dream come true. It is our intention to embrace this legacy and elevate it to a new splendour, updating it with our aesthetic sensibility and manufacturing capability. This acquisition is the expression of a strategy that has led us to acquire the world’s top player in the realistic mannequin market”.

The integration of the Rootstein collections within the Bonaveri world will take place gradually, reworking the most important historical collections with the aim of strengthening Bonaveri’s position as a leader in high-end and as a global player. In February 2020, on the occasion of Euroshop, the first new Rootstein collection, reimaged by Bonaveri, will be launched. A realistic and contemporary line that will complement the more iconic and evocative Schlappi and the Sartoriale/artisan collections.

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