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Dreaming of a green, gift-free Christmas | Brief letters | Life and style

My husband is dying of cancer. In the 40 years-plus of our marriage we have done so many lovely holiday journeys together, by road, by rail, by ferry (rarely by air). I’m trying to hold my life together. Then I read Joe Hammond’s final article (Weekend, 14 December) and the last line broke me up: “…preparing to travel again, but no longer together.”
Patricia King
Galmpton, Devon

I have just come in from the garden and noticed my cat had dug up some bulbs. They each bore a tiny green shoot. There they were, quietly waiting for spring. Did anyone else notice that the Green party had increased the percentage of its vote? Roll on spring.
Liz Hartmann

Pete Brook’s request for a lie-ometer (Letters, 16 December) is spot on. Please consider the most effective way to do this. A daily list and highlighted lies in each article, perhaps? We desperately need the truth and evidence to call out those who have abandoned honesty.
Joan Foster
Chichester, West Sussex

If John Harrison (Letters, 16 December) is advocating that Labour adopt the selection methodology of Strictly Come Dancing, I have two words for him: Ed and Balls.
Ian Grieve
Gordon Bennett, Llangollen canal

Surely an “i” has gone awol (Promises, promises: how Johnson’s government will run the country, 15 December)?
Ceri Brown
Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire

How can I have a green Christmas (The briefing, 16 December)? Spend time with people, not money on things.
Bob Pike
Saint-Cyr-sur-Loire, France

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