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4 lessons learned by iconic brand in the digital era

Being agile enables organizations to quickly pivot in an ever-changing landscape. In the prestige beauty industry, agility allows us to rapidly respond to quick shifts in consumer demand and create new experiences for our consumers to better engage with our brands.

Given the growing trend of personalization and customization, we leverage many different technologies to customize our packaging, consumer experiences, retail offerings and more. For example, at our MAC Shanghai Store, our IT team used differentiated retail marketing to seamlessly communicate and converse with digitally-savvy Gen Z consumers, deliver extra in-store and online experiences via WeChat technology and provide real-time influencer recommendations in-store via social media. This mobile-first store uses a WeChat Mini Program for service booking, event reservation, ratings and review and self-service payments, features touch screens that integrates social platforms, provides interactive touch-tables to show products information, offers 3D customized printing and virtual try-ons with payments functionality.

In addition, it is essential to build an agile internal organization where employees are provided with the best amenities, tools and capabilities to enable easy collaboration and teaming to deliver the best technology solutions. Building an agile, digital workplace is crucial to allowing your team to develop and thrive, as well as making it easier to connect, collaborate and create with employees across the globe. Our Long Island City Technology Hub, for example, offers innovative and digital workspaces to enhance the employee experience. Every aspect of this space was designed and built with the purpose of amplifying productivity and promoting innovation, collaboration, creativity, agility — and fun.

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