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Glitter & Script 50 & Fabulous, Purple Black Ombre Napkin


Glitter & Script 50 & Fabulous, Purple Black Ombre Napkin

Celebrate the much anticipated 50 and fabulous birthday with this sophisticated, glam design. Over a purple and black ombre background appears a gold glitter-effect confetti design as if it’s falling from above. In a fun, unique stylized design “50 & fabulous” is rendered with a curly, playful, script modern font. The “50” is embellished with the faux gold glitter and “&” and “fabulous” are in white. Layers were added separately and left unlocked so you can rearrange, re-position, or otherwise change up any part you wish to see a little different. Likewise change the background color beneath the black ombre overlay to anything you like.

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