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Getting to know your worst enemy | Brief letters | Politics


Is it possible that British retail’s “worst year on record” (Report, 9 January), with particularly disappointing figures for November and December, might have something to do with the fact that the banks, having showered the economy with £50bn of what has effectively been “helicopter money” over the last decade, finally stopped paying out on PPI claims from the end of August?
Alan B Cook

Andrew Krokou’s memory plays him false (Letters, 9 January). It was not the Labour rightwinger Herbert Morrison who said of the leftwinger Aneurin Bevan: “Not while I’m alive he ain’t [his own worst enemy].” It was the Labour rightwinger Ernest Bevin of Morrison himself.
Dr Harry Harmer
Shrewsbury, Shropshire

I remember “his own worst enemy” and “not while I’m alive he ain’t” being answers in an Araucaria crossword (No 24,848, 4 November 2009), along with the names of Ernest Bevin and Herbert Morrison. I’ve always believed the latter phrase was said by Bevin of Morrison.
Terry Carbro
Sleights, North Yorkshire

At the supermarket checkout: “Would you like a bag for life?” asked the cashier (Letters, 9 January). My husband of 50 years put his arm around me. “No thanks, I’ve got one of those already,” said he.
Susan Chesters

Advanced age has its perks. A 90-year-old friend, when told the wardrobe she’d ordered had a six-month waiting list, replied to the salesperson: “Young man, that’s no good to me. I might be dead by then.” He sold her the display item from the store window.
Simon Tatton-Brown

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