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Celebrated London café Feya invited design studio FormRoom to create a truly unique and fantastical interior for the launch of their latest flagship space.

Located in the heart of West London’s most desirable and luxurious shopping district alongside Harrods, the space is set to be a destination for shoppers looking to escape the bustling outside world. The interior brand design follows a playful narrative with a maximalist feel, where customers are taken on a journey through enchanted forests into a world of illusion and fascination.

FormRoom’s Managing Director, David Roberts says Feya as a brand is very fantastical in their direction. “Their vision is one rooted in mythology and escapism, so that lends itself naturally to a maximalist approach to feature design.”

As a way to evolve the existing Feya brand identity, FormRoom looked to combine a rich textural palette and pastel hues with bold bespoke features that invite shareability and exploration.

The brand’s ethos of “It all starts with a dream” provides the perfect launch for a series of highly visual and immersive installations throughout the space, all centred around the narrative of moving through an enchanted forest-scape. “Feya has a very loyal brand following who see it as a retreat from reality. So, we looked to create a narrative for the space, so that as you move through it, you’re taken on a very literal journey of discovery,” Roberts continued.

Abstract and surreal references to water are present throughout the space, including lily pad sections with custom velvet seating alongside an inlaid resin ‘river’ with amethyst jewel tones. Moving deeper into the café space, oversized bird cage booths amongst Veridian Tanglewood forest wallpaper form a more intimate experience designed to resemble the forest canopy. Decorative foliage resembles the trees’ uppermost branches, alongside a world teeming with gold, jewelled butterflies.

Above, pendant lights and ceiling fibre-optics recreate a starry night sky. There are two further creative installations within the ground section, one a blend of bespoke crystal and mirror detailing and the other a custom seat installation complete with brand signage and peacock brand ambassador.

The upper section of the space reveals the source of the river detailing through a large-scale light, crystal and foliage installation. “The product itself is highly visually innovative and the space reflects this attention to creativity and detail. It should feel playful and fun, an indulgence and a celebration,” said Roberts.

Images: Melvyn Vincent Photography


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