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Sahil Gilani, Director Sales and Marketing, Gits Food Products Pvt Ltd

An MBA from IE Business School (Insiutito de Empressa, Madrid, Spain) and BBA in Business Marketing & Entrepreneurship from Northeastern University(Boston, USA), Sahil Gilani started his career as a Sales Intern who walked the streets with the company’s salesmen before taking a seat at the company’s head office.

The first project he took on when he joined the company in 2007 was to launch a completely new product line for the Indian market. For nearly four decades the company operated in just the Ready-to-Cook category, he spearheaded Gits into the Ready-to-Eat category.

In recent achievements he brought the company back into the mainstream ATL, digital advertising and social media platforms, breaking the company out of the BTL shell after decades.

Strengthening the depth and width of the company’s distribution across India has been a keen focus, as a step in this direction, apart from being available in all leading supermarket chains and kirana stores, he has forayed Gits in the e-commerce space by setting up an online shop as well as be present on all major e-commerce retailers in India.

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