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What does the modern shopper want?

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Speed and information are the two key factors driving today’s shopping decisions.

Almost seven in 10 (69%) respondents said prefer to complete their shopping as quickly as possible, according to a survey by marketing technology and consumer engagement firm Valassis and research firm Kantar. Popular time-saving methods include shopping at stores with buy-online-pick-up-in-store (BOPIS) options (39%) and signing up for auto-replenishment services (24%). And 43% of respondents think targeted advertising should be able to guide them through the store to locate products.

In “The Future of How People Shop,” 68% of respondents believe they’ve become better equipped to make informed purchasing decisions compared to five years ago. In particular, 60% of respondents often research products online before purchasing and 62% closely read product labels.

Shoppers also have other expectations of advertising. Slightly more than half (51%) of all respondents and 68% of respondents who are parents said they would like advertising to help educate and obtain the best experience following purchases. Almost four in 10 (38%) wish advertising helped them discover something new.

For many respondents, personalized advertising is not creepy. Almost half (47%) of respondents wish relevant advertising appeared when researching solutions to address personal needs, and 34% appreciate when companies use their data to deliver personalized advertising.

In addition, 25% of all respondents trust advertising more when it features influencers or celebrities they follow online. Millennials have developed an even deeper trust for influencers, with 48% of respondents in this generation noting heightened trust. Thirty percent of all respondents (and 51% of millennials) will try new products based on influencers’ recommendations.

Measuring shopper attitudes toward social media, the survey found that 28% of respondents enjoy engaging with brands on social media and 30% expect brands to “respond immediately” if they share a negative experience with them.

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