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Ikea to open store with no parking but plenty of greenery


Ikea is building a store in Vienna that will cater specifically to urban dwellers who use public transportation.

The seven-level, 232,000 sq. ft. structure, which will have no on-site parking, will feature an expansive green façade and a publicly accessible park on the roof terrace. Ikea envisions the store, which will have eateries and lots of public spaces inside and outside, as a meeting place for the area. All large items will be delivered directly to the customer within 24 hours. 

Designed by Querkraft Architekten in collaboration with Ikea architects, the building exterior will be dotted with large balconies featuring a total of 160 trees. The trees will not only keep the glass building cool but also purify the surrounding outside air, according to Querkraft. 

Ikea is integrating other businesses into the building. The two upper floors will contain a hotel targeted to younger patrons, Jo&Joe Open House, complete with a rooftop restaurant and bar. 

“By collaborating with Jo&Joe, we have found a partner who is an ideal match for our urban target group and who, like us, offers customers unique, new experiences and innovative concepts”, said Ikea Austria managing director Viera Juzova.

The new Ikea is scheduled to open in 2021.

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