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New app combines consignment with delivery


Consumers who want to empty their garages have a new online option.

A marketplace app known as InVastor is expanding from an initial Massachusetts launch to conduct operations in Rhode Island, Connecticut and New Hampshire as it aims to cover more states in 2020. InVastor is designed to enable local businesses and individuals to sell their products and have them delivered the same day, on consignment. 

Anyone can list an item free of charge, sell it, and have it delivered by a driver signed up on the app. InVastor, which operates a warehouse in the southeastern Massachusetts city of Brockton, can also sell on a user’s behalf and deal with customers. Buyers can also visit the warehouse to inspect, pick up and purchase merchandise. The app charges a small commission on the sales.

“If you have unused items, lightly used clothes, electronics or anything of value, you can simply put them in a box, go on the InVastor app and request a pickup,” said Chris Esikumo, CEO at InVastor Inc. “They’ll be picked up and delivered to our warehouse. We’ll sell them and transfer money to your account. InVastor is planning to open up more warehouses and distribution locations across the country to help in its logistics and retail business, as well as partner with more businesses and manufacturers.”

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