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Fabletics brings digital experience into physical stores


A celebrity-founded activewear retailer is creating a frictionless shopping experience across channels.

Co-founded as a digitally native retailer by actress Kate Hudson in 2013, Fabletics is supporting a continuing expansion into the brick-and-mortar space with the development and deployment of OmniSuite, a proprietary cloud-based enterprise retail platform. OmniSuite combines e-commerce, POS and order management solutions with back-office systems, with the goal of bridging the gap between in-store and online operations and experience.

The OmniSuite platform and its applications enable Fabletics to deliver personalized service with a 360-degree view of customer transactions and interactions across all channels. In addition, Fabletics customers can shop and transact online or offline without friction.

Other benefits the retailer obtains from its proprietary platform include the ability to deliver personalized greetings to in-store customers in fitting rooms, where digital screens display various ways to style the clothes they’re trying on in that moment. Birthday messages, promotions, and other personalized content is available to in-store customers, who can also take advantage of other enhancements like requesting assistance via a dressing room iPad.

Fitting room iPads also feature user-generated content, product details, outfit suggestions, and current promotions. OmniShop enables Fabletics to track clothing from fitting room to transaction, so the brand knows how product is moving in real-time. If a shopper decides to hold off on buying, their item and feedback is tracked on their online profile, so they can buy online later if they choose.

Since expanding into brick-and-mortar in 2015, Fabletics has expanded to 38 North American retail stores, with the goal of opening up to 100 stores nationwide.

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