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Minneapolis mall forsakes the cineplex for the suplex

wrestling ring

Rosedale Center looks to wrestle up some traffic.

“On March 7, mall walkers taking a lap around the old Herberger’s space at Rosedale Center are going to see more body-slamming action than at any Black Friday sale at the store,” said Sarah Fossen, director of marketing and experience at the Roseville, Minn., mall.

That’s the day when Fossen delivers on the “experience” part of her job description by presenting a live pro wrestling event in the space. It’s sure to be a winter delight for Minnesotans who aren’t getting a lot of wildness from their last-place hockey team, the Minnesota Wild.

F1rst Wrestling, a Minnesota-based independent wrestling promotion will be presenting the action at Rosedale, one of the three “Dale” malls developed by Dayton-Hudson Corporation in Minnesota in the 1960s. Fossen said that the event is part of current operator JLL’s plan to push its boundaries and appeal to broader demographics.

Audacious events staged at Rosedale in the past year included Haunted Basement, an absurdist holiday horror theater, and a RuPaul drag fashion show that engaged the LGBTQ community.

Rosedale’s biggest change is still to come. A $100 million redevelopment aimed at turning it into a entertainment lifestyle center commences later this year.

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