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Future Supply Chain inaugurates national distribution centre of Benetton India Private Limited

Future Supply Chain Solutions Limited (FSC) inaugurated National Distribution Centre of Benetton India Private Limited (Benetton India) at Koka, Jhajjar, Haryana. FSC, with its proven experience, is now a preferred partner for Benetton India in streamlining their domestic supply chain and expanding their business into new markets.

Future Supply Chain inaugurates national distribution centre of Benetton India Private Limited

Commenting on this partnership, P V Sheshadri, Chief Executive Officer, Future Supply Chain Solutions Ltd. says “FSC has been serving many retail giants and players in fashion and lifestyle products with its premium warehousing and distribution solutions. Again, we are making a move to uphold the high standards we set for ourselves and establishing a warehouse of this level. We are confident that the new facility at Koka will fulfil the rapidly changing demands of lifestyle and fashion customers. We will continue to work with all the stakeholders to ensure the highest levels of service for Benetton India.”

“Collaboration is what we believe in and that’s how we are able to co-create solutions successfully,” he added.

The built-to-suit warehouse spans 1,12,000 sq.ft. and serves as the primary distribution centre for Benetton India Pvt. Ltd. It has the capacity to handle an inventory volume of over 4mn and more than 1,00,000 SKUs, as well as various value added services like product kitting, customized packaging and returns management. It is equipped with shelving/racking storage, advanced material handling equipment, dock levellers, packaging machines and a full back-up generator.

Furthermore, the facility represents FSC’s commitment to sustainability and features an efficient 50kW Solar Power Plant, sky lighting, and two Sewage Treatment Plants for enabling reuse of contaminated water.

Sundeep Chugh, Managing Director and CEO, Benetton India Private Limited said “I am extremely delighted that Benetton has partnered with Future Supply Chain to run their national distribution centre. This project was executed in a record time and I appreciate their effort to design a solution that meets our vision and scale. I congratulate the entire team and look forward to this partnership for years to come.”

The inauguration ceremony of the new warehouse was attended by Sundeep Chugh, MD & CEO, Benetton India Private Limited and Abhik Saha, Director, Supply Chain, Benetton India Private Limited. About 50 delegates from Benetton India attended the celebration. Following the safety instruction inside the warehouse, everyone took a tour of the warehouse.

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