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Tata Coffee launches e-commerce platform to promote India’s finest reserve single origin specialty coffees

Tata Coffee Limited, a subsidiary company of Tata Consumer Products Limited announced the launch of its e- commerce platform

Tata Coffee launches e-commerce platform to promote India’s finest reserve single origin specialty coffees

The website debuts with three unique variants of luxury single origin specialty coffee named ‘The Sonnets – Voice of Our Estates.’ Through this online platform, Tata Coffee aims to make its finest estate coffees available to consumers across India. These single estate coffees are processed uniquely with great care, undergoing intense sensorial evaluations by expert tasters. Only the finest and the rarest coffees are carefully selected to be used in The Sonnets range of coffees, showcased this season.

The coffees are directly sourced from two of Tata Coffee’s 19 estates located in Coorg region of Karnataka. These estates- Goorghuly and Woshully are recognized for growing some of the best Arabica Coffees in the country.

Speaking on the occasion, Chacko Thomas, MD & CEO, Tata Coffee Limited, said, “The Sonnets-The voice of our estates’ aims to give coffee lovers across the country access to some of our finest estates’ coffees through our e-commerce platform. Each variant in these reserve single origin handpicked coffees belong to a single estate and are not a blend. Since they are grown in specific regions using unique processing techniques, this makes them special and truly limited-edition coffees. The Sonnets promise a once in a lifetime sensory experience in a cup.”

The Sonnets come in three different flavors and roast profiles (light roasted, medium roasted and medium-dark roasted) Gold Honey, Red Honey and Yellow Honey.

The e-commerce site is designed to give customers a smooth buying experience of these luxury coffees in a few simple steps. The homepage introduces the customers to Tata Coffee and its 100 years of heritage, has comprehensive information on the products, links to latest blog posts and stories from the estates and other relevant information pertaining to online purchases.

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