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Starbucks moves to drive-through only amid coronavirus pandemic

Starbucks announced its company-operated stores in the U.S. and Canada will move to a drive-through-only model for at least two weeks. Some exceptions will be made for those cafes serving in or around hospitals and healthcare centers in our efforts to serve first responders and health care workers.

Starbucks moves to drive-through only amid coronavirus pandemic

In addition, the company also confirmed it will pay U.S. partners for the next 30 days, even if they choose to stay home.

“As we all know, the situation with COVID-19 is extremely dynamic and we will continue to review the facts and science and make the proactive decisions necessary to protect our partners, customers and communities,” wrote Rossann Williams, Executive Vice President and President, U.S. company-operated business and Canada.

Starbucks will be moving to a “to go” model in all company-owned stores in the U.S. and Canada for at least two weeks.

“The magnitude of managing through this situation is the single biggest challenge many of us have faced in our lifetime, and I am continually moved by your compassion for each other, our customers and our communities during this exceptionally difficult time. With daily news from friends and family members getting laid off and businesses closing, we need one another more than ever. We need to be a different kind of company,” Williams wrote. “Together, we have successfully navigated many challenges throughout our history, and managing COVID-19 will be no different. You have my word, we will continue to stay true to Our Mission and Values, making the right decisions even when it’s hard, and caring for you and our customers.”

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