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Reliance Retail ensures sufficient supply of daily essentials

Relaince Retail has said that all the 736 grocery stores of the brand across the country will ensure sufficient supply of essentials, including staples, fruits and vegetables, bread, breakfast cereals and other items of daily use so that citizens need not stock up.

Reliance Retail ensures sufficient supply of daily essentials

“Grocery stores to open longer – from 7 am to 11 pm – wherever possible,” it said in the release adding the firm is activating ordering from home and delivery for senior citizens as well as activating order and pick-up from storefront so that the consumers and store staff are not exposed.

Reliance Retail will ply vehicles with essential items in certain areas for sale to customers at their doorsteps during the complete lockdown, the statement said adding the firm”s petrol pumps will remain open to customers to ensure there is no shortage of fuel.

All store staff are adequately trained and protected with masks and follow a strict hygiene regime, it added.

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