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E-commerce delivery services excluded from curfew restrictions in Maharashtra, Retail News, ET Retail

E-commerce delivery services excluded from curfew restrictions in Maharashtra A Day after the Prime Minister declared a 21-day lock down and assured that basic essentials will be provided, the Maharashtra Government has excluded delivery by E-commerce platforms from the list of restrictions.

“E-commerce delivery of essential and necessary goods including food, pharmaceutical and medical equipment … shall be excluded from the restriction,” reads the revised notification issued on Wednesday.

Several ecommerce companies have taken to social media to highlight that their delivery executives have been stopped multiple times by police personnel on the ground.

Meanwhile the Mumbai Police has also started helpline service for those providing emergency or essential services. “In order to prevent the spread of CORONA virus, lockdown has been announced. However, medical services, ambulance, essential commodities and other essential services have been exempted. To facilitate easy and smooth movement of such services and those exempted under the notification Mumbai Traffic Police has started a Corona traffic helpline. Those associated with these emergency or essential services and citizens requiring emergency movements may contact numbers: 02224937747 and 02224937755.

Online and offline retailers across the country faced severe disruptions affecting the supply of essential goods as authorities cracked down by closing warehouses and stores in a bid to curtail the virulent spread of Covid-19.

Even as the country’s largest ecommerce marketplaces Flipkart and Amazon temporarily suspended logistics services for sellers across regions, citing operational constraints, the Retailers Association of India (RAI) estimated that about 25,000-30,000 supermarkets were impacted by the police order to close warehouses, which has led to disruption of supply chains across the country.

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