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Bonn Group distributes over 32,000 packets of breads, burgers to needy people in Delhi, Ludhiana

As the country is going through a 21-day lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, leading FMCG player Bonn Group of Industries donated 32,000 packets of breads and burgers in Ludhiana.

Bonn Group distributes over 32,000 packets of breads, burgers to needy people in Delhi, Ludhiana

The company has extended their CSR initiative and distributed 40 packets of bread to a bunch of kids suffering from illness and living away from home, residing in New Delhi. Here, the objective is that everyone should have access to basic food.

The Bonn Group of Industries, known for upholding safety and hygienic standards to perfection, is currently functioning with 50 percent of workforce keeping with government advisories to curb the escalation of the coronavirus outbreak. But at the same time, it is working to ensure that sufficient quantity of its products are available in the market.

“Going with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s agenda that ‘no one will go hungry’ in the troubled times of COVID-19 emergency, we have decided to distribute over 32,000 packets of breads and burgers to the needy people, who are residing in Gurudwara or on the streets. Also, we were contacted by an institute where kids who are suffering from illness and away from home are being taken care of. There we have provided bread for 280 kids so that they can get required food. As consuming good food helps in building the immune system, we feel that we have contributed in preventing the ongoing health crisis that hits people who are immune compromised. Our healthy and nutrient-rich range of breads and burgers is a step towards prevention. Moreover, the news of nationwide lockdown over the COVID-19 crisis has triggered a situation of panic among consumers,” said Amrinder Singh, Director, Bonn Group of Industries.

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