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My knight in shining armour | Letters | World news

Food has become a major issue for us all and, as an 80-year old, I have been unsuccessful in securing home deliveries from local supermarkets, and I am now exhorted not to shop at all.

To my rescue came a knight in shining armour, in the form of John Vincent, co-founder of Leon restaurants. I emailed him, having heard him explain on the radio that the distribution of food needed better organisation. In response, he sent me a welcome message, promising a gift if I sent my address.

Imagine how I felt when a delivery van arrived with a bouquet of flowers, followed by a second delivery van with two large boxes of excellent products, all sustainably sourced. I now have a delicious range of produce for at least three weeks. What an amazing act of generosity.
Kirsty Thomas
Durham City

If vulnerable people are having problems getting food deliveries via “official” channels they may be able to get help through a local Covid-19 Mutual Aid group. See if there is a local group near you.
Pam Laurance

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