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‘Shopping Night In America’ Promotes An Evening Of Safe Retail On April 1

HighStreet wants to help brick-and-mortar retailers combat recent sales declines through the creation of Shopping Night In America, a mini-shopping holiday designed to restore a bit of normalcy to consumers’ lives by encouraging them to reconnect with their favorite retailers. Retailers are encouraged to use the #ShoppingNightInAmerica hashtag to spread the word and promote the event to their customers and fans.

Shopping Night In America is scheduled for April 1, and will
run from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. The event calls on shoppers to tag their favorite
retailers on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook; check for updates on the event on
April 1; and make safe purchases online during the time frame.

The e-Commerce event seeks to build on the success of The Great American Takeout, which encouraged consumers to order takeout on March 24 and will launch a second instance on March 31.

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