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Ninjacart supplies fruits and vegetables at subsidized prices to orphanages, old-age homes and slum areas

In the wake of the COVID -19 pandemic and the shortage of food essentials such as fruits and vegetables, Ninjacart – India’s largest fresh food supply chain company, announced the provision of essential food items to orphanages, old-age homes and slum areas at subsidized rates, which will be much lesser than the on-going market rates.

Ninjacart supplies fruits and vegetables at subsidized prices to orphanages, old-age homes and slum areas

In order to service the slum areas and orphanages, the company is willing to partner with NGOs and institutions alike across Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi-NCR, Pune and Ahmedabad.

Last week, the company started supplying fresh fruits and vegetables to several residential communities and apartments. It not only helped in addressing panic buying and the fear of shortage but also saved the produce of the farmers from going to waste.

Currently, the apartment solution has been made available in all 7 cities and is serving more than 120+ apartments daily. The organisation is facing a deluge of demand and has pipelined over 4000 residential spaces, they aim to serve all of them in a week’s time.

Speaking about the innovative steps, Thirukumaran Nagarajan, CEO and Co-founder, Ninjacart said, “Coronavirus has instilled fear in individuals and the lockdown has created a panic situation. Ninjacart has always strived towards changing the way fruits and vegetables reach our plates, along with enhancing the income of farmers, convenience of retailers and ensuring safe food for all. During this time of crisis, it is all the more important that Ninjacart operates to ensure the essential commodities reach every citizen, so they find staying at home easier, it reduces panic and thereby reduces the risk of more spread.”

He further added “These are the challenging times for the less privileged communities as the retail prices of food items have hiked by 80 percent and accessibility is a big challenge. We want to leverage Ninjacart’s capability to solve these problems and make it convenient for these communities. We are innovating tirelessly to solve some of the most challenging problems of today. We have piloted the delivery with a few orphanages and we are ready scale it across all the 7 cities.”

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