CGF board of directors and WHO COVID-19 Special Envoy emphasise need for global co-ordination in securing consumer product supply chains



The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) board of directors today issued a statement emphasising the need for global coordination in securing food, beverage, hygiene and personal care product supply chains. The full statement is below:
Food, beverage, hygiene and personal care products are essential to people’s daily existence through this pandemic.
Today, around the world, the 400 member companies of The Consumer Goods Forum – manufacturers, distribution companies, retailers, online platforms and marketplaces – are collaborating intensively together to maintain the availability of these daily essentials for local communities.
We are grateful to the employees in these companies – and in particular the frontline staff working in agriculture, factories, distribution centres and retail stores – who are making extraordinary personal efforts to support this goal.
As the pandemic enters into its global peak weeks, we would like to emphasise that close engagement between the industry, national governments and public health bodies is critical to maintain the supply and availability of these essential goods for the population.
Also, given the complexity and global connectedness of the supply chains involved, we urge that definitions of essential economic systems include all priority corridors for food, beverage, hygiene and personal care supplies within the broader consumer goods sector. These definitions should include upstream suppliers such as packaging and raw ingredients producers as well as producers of product for export, and transportation services providers.
Dr David Nabarro, a World Health Organization Special Envoy on COVID-19, said:“Many people are facing enormous difficulties as they participate in the worldwide struggle to contain outbreaks of COVID-19. It is vitally important that they are able to access food and hygiene products. We are all most grateful to members of The Consumer Goods Forum for doing what is in their power to ensure the availability of these products at affordable prices. We appreciate CGF members’ constant support for the efforts of national governments and public health bodies. We encourage authorities to ensure cross-border movement of the goods needed to maintain supply chains so that people’s access to these products can be sustained during this extremely challenging period”.

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