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Karnataka to decide soon on full ecommerce services, Retail News, ET Retail

Karnataka to decide soon on full ecommerce servicesBENGALURU: Karnataka will soon decide whether to permit full-fledged ecommerce activity in the state from April 20 in line with the revised guidelines for services allowed during the extended lockdown to stem the spread of Covid-19.

Deputy chief minister Dr CN Ashwath Narayan told ET: “We are aware that demand for computers and other related items has gone up as many people have started work-from-home. We will take a decision in a day or two on delivery of non-essential items by ecommerce firms after holding discussions with senior officials, and in accordance with the revised guidelines.”

The Union government has extended the countrywide lockdown until May 3.

Karnataka has allowed ecommerce delivery of essential items, and ecommerce players want to start delivering non-essential items as well. Executives from the sector reached out to the state government seeking clarity on the formalities to be completed to resume fullfledged operations after April 20, according to a source in the government.Currently, ecommerce companies are delivering essential items to consumers through a very limited pass system across the country. The authorities have rationed the passes, and these are meant for delivery of only essentials. “Now, with the expanded scope, we will require more number of passes. If we are augmenting our supply chain, and expanding our list to include non-essential items as well, we will need more vehicles and delivery boys. We are expecting a steep demand for many products because of the increasing number of work-fromhome professionals. So we will need more passes,” said an executive from an ecommerce company.

Nasscom president Debjani Ghosh said in a tweet: “Important for us to kickstart ecommerce as we work on reviving the economy. Hope to see State Govts supporting the ask.”

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