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‘Allow home delivery by all retailers, not just e-commerce players’

The Retailers Association of India (RAI) on Thursday urged government to ‘strongly consider’ allowing all forms of retailers, not just e-commerce players, to operate through home delivery during the extended lockdown period.

‘Allow home delivery by all retailers, not just e-commerce players’

While supporting the government’s move to extend the lockdown to curb the spread of coronavirus pandemic, RAI said such a move will facilitate availability of all goods at the doorsteps of customers while supporting economic revival for the country.

“We urge the government to strongly consider that all forms of home delivery across retailers be allowed the benefit of doing business via contactless home delivery,” the retailers body said in a statement.

Allowing this for all retailers, and not just e-commerce players, will facilitate the availability of all goods at the doorsteps of customers, it added.

“This will ensure that there are fewer reasons for the public to step outside of their homes. It will also ensure greater availability of supplies and help conform to the requirement of social distancing,” RAI said.

This move will further support the economic revival for the country as well as allow for new avenues of job creation in the market, it added.

On the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs on Wednesday for the extended lockdown, RAI said it brings the focus that the government has on maintaining social distancing while ensuring that consumers get what they want in a safe and contactless manner.

“It demonstrates the intent to support the safety of the people while also enabling the movement of goods required to ensure economic activity,” RAI said.

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