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PLAYMOBIL launches reusable nose and mouth mask – Retail Times


Playmobil uses its own plastics expertise and launches the first reusable PLAYMOBIL Nose and Mouth Mask. The mask can be ordered by consumers via the company’s online shop. The risk of infecting other people with a droplet infection can be reduced by wearing this mask, the company claims.

After initially supplying its employees worldwide with masks, the mask is now to be offered for sale via the Playmobil UK webshop. The mask is available in three sizes Large – Medium – Small, as well as in different colours. 

The mask will initially be offered for £4.99 with one pound from the sale of each mask going to support charities helping with the fight against COVID-19

To meet the high demand, the production of the first reusable “PLAYMOBIL Nose and Mouth Mask” has been running at full speed. In record time, new injection moulds were built, based upon the complex mould design for this item. 

With medical masks and ppe stocks in high demand, the Playmobil Nose and Mouth Mask can make a positive contribution to protecting stocks of these products for keyworkers and those most in need.

Important notes on use

The wearer inserts a fresh filter element into the mask before each use. Various absorbent materials can be used as filters. 10 handkerchiefs are enclosed with the mask and provide material for 40 filters. The mask must not be used without a filter and, for hygienic reasons, always only when cleaned. When putting on the mask, make sure that the nose and mouth are completely covered. The mask is held in place by a rubber band so that it cannot slip out of place. But even when wearing the mask, all hygiene regulations, such as a safety distance of at least 2 metres from other people, must be observed. After 10 hours at most, the mask should be thoroughly cleaned with hot water and cleaning detergent. Remove the filter element before cleaning.

The reusable nose-and-mouth mask can be ordered immediately at: www.playmobil-mask.com or for larger/trade orders please email [email protected] to find out more.


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