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Ensuring in-store social distance in times of COVID-19

Almost two months after the outbreak started, it is now undeniable that the world is facing a health crisis unprecedented in our era. What started as a localized virus in China has spread overnight to affect most of the countries in the international arena, thus changing the way we live and interact with one another. Although business activity is slowly restarting in some countries, it is unquestionable that returning to normalcy will take time.

Small businesses are slowly restoring commercial activity in order to overcome the damages caused by COVID-19, but going back to the routine means implementing some measures to ensure it is safe for customers to go shopping again. Since health authorities have declared that social distancing plays a critical role in fighting against the spread of the virus, all businesses will have to guarantee their customers respect a minimum distance. Our team has just launched a tool to help retailers comply with this measure. Find more details in our website https://shoppermotion.com/covid-19/

At Shoppermotion we work with token-based analytics, that is, we attach little electronic devices to shopping carts and baskets that broadcast their position in real-time, so we can collect the complete journey of customers in stores passively and anonymously.

Shoppermotion infrastructure

Besides, we combine it with Wi-Fi and cameras in order to monitor behavior tendencies and obtain ground truth about in-store traffic. Therefore, this new application helps retailers control traffic per section thanks to our real-time broadcasting tokens. It includes: 

Real-Time Alerts

Reports every 5 minutes to security and associates. Hence, if social distancing is not being respected or the maximum number of people has been reached, it will automatically send an email and SMS notification.

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Capacity-Oriented KPIs

New metrics and results have been released such as average distance between shopping tools, the density of foot traffic per square foot in order to comply with any social distance requirements.

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Crowds Prevention

Our machine learning engine forecasts unexpected increases in traffic and notifies associates in real-time before the limits are reached to avoid bottlenecks in the layouts

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It cannot be denied that in-store behavior will change due to COVID-19, so retailers will have to be prepared to offer their customers the strongest guarantees in terms of safety. At Shoppermotion we would like to be by your side in these difficult moments. If you are interested in knowing more about our tool, send an email to [email protected] and our team will be in touch as soon as possible.

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