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IndiLuxe on TataCLiQLuxury.com announces the launch of the gourmet category with the unique ‘Apron Project 2020’

IndiLuxe on Tata CLiQ Luxury, purveyor of premium & luxury Indian labels across fashion, home and beauty, announced the launch of its gourmet food category with an exciting collaboration with 10 of India’s most celebrated designers on July 01, 2020.

IndiLuxe on TataCLiQLuxury.com announces the launch of the gourmet category with the unique ‘Apron Project 2020’

Gourmet delights – from artisanal chocolates and single origin coffees to organic foods – can bring joy to the day, and help enhance IndiLuxe’s desire to help its patrons discover/ explore/ live the ‘Exquisite Everyday’.

In keeping with its ethos of curating Indian brands rooted in tradition, IndiLuxe has launched 50+ artisanal food brands that sell farm-fresh produce grown via soilless farming techniques, freshly-ground gluten-free flours, handcrafted bean-to-bar chocolates, ancient grain cereals as well as artisanal cheeses, teas and Indian estate coffees to name a few. This category launch comes at a time when India, in lockdown, is discovering its inner chef.

This much-celebrated on Instagram relationship with food has also found expression in the unique ‘The Apron Project 2020’. Here, IndiLuxe has worked with 10 curated/ handpicked designers who are among the most celebrated and innovative names in contemporary Indian fashion and design – Anavila, AntarAgni, Doodlage, Jodi Life, Ka-sha, Khanijo, Nappa Dori, Padmaja, Payal Singhal and Urvashi Kaur. Each designer was invited to create a limited-edition apron that reflects the designer’s unique sensibilities in terms of aesthetics, craft and materials used.

Speaking on this occasion, Rina Shah, Business Head, IndiLuxe, said, “There is a powerful synergy between both, the art of designing and cooking. We all take great pleasure in cooking, and it is therapeutic for many. What is unique about this project is the fact that each of these designs is a true embodiment of the designer’s aesthetic sense. We are excited to have collaborated with these exceptional designers who have created pieces of art. With the launch of the Apron Project, I look forward to our valued, discerning customers embracing and encouraging their inner chef, and cherishing our aprons.”

Priced at Rs 5,000 each and being a limited edition, only 10 pieces of each apron design will be available for purchase on www.luxury.tatacliq.com/indiluxe.

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