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Armani and Yoox Net-a-Porter launch new tie-up

The companies will develop a “revolutionary, digital and integrated shopping experience for customers” over the next two years.

Under the agreement, which is in place until 2025, the pair aim to offer customers a more flexible shopping experience with access to offline and online products. Orders will be processed using the Yoox and Net-a-Porter distribution networks, and Armani boutiques and distribution centres.

Giorgio Armani, president and CEO of Armani Group, said: “In the past few months, I have been redesigning the Armani Group’s business model based on a concept that is very dear to me: do less, but better. Mine is an invitation to consume more responsibly, focusing on authenticity and change. In Yoox-Net-a-Porter, I’ve found a partner that allows me to transform this principle in a new multichannel shopping project, where the relationship with the customer is increasingly personal and direct, while ecommerce and boutiques are integrated in a dynamic balance, which will have a positive effect, also on the environment.”



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