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Aromatherapy for the Body & Soul

Aromar hand sanitizerAs soon as the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, many different suppliers started manufacturing hand sanitizers and other personal protective equipment to help keep consumers safe and stop the spread of the virus. Hand sanitizers were one of the first products to disappear on the shelves, leaving consumers worried how they could keep themselves safe.

Aromar, a scent company offering a wide variety of essential oils and other scented products, has perfected their hand sanitizer solution to make consumers feel safe wherever they go. Entirely made in the U.S., Aromar hand sanitizers come in spray bottles, which are more effective than gel sanitizers. Available in 2oz bottles, they are TSA safe, so users can carry them wherever they go.

Say Goodbye to Germs

Spray bottles make it easy for consumers to sanitize anything, including their hands, a door knob, their phone, inside of their car, and anywhere they touch. Gel sanitizers are difficult to spread around, making it hard to sanitize anything other than hands. But with the spray, nothing is off-limits.

Aromar hand sanitizer displayAromar’s hand sanitizers are made with 70 percent isopropyl alcohol and are 99.9 percent effective against most common germs. Currently, the company has four different scents for their sanitizers, including unscented, lavender verbena, mandarin basil, fresh water, and herbal. Aromar’s hand sanitizers are lightly scented with essential oils, so users’ hands can smell good and feel clean. Twelve new scents are expected to drop soon, so stay tuned on their website to see all the new delectable scents. Nothing in the market compares to Aromar hand sanitizers.

High Quality Oils

If you’re looking for something to go along with the hand sanitizers, Aromar specializes in essential oils, fragrance oils, incense, oil burners, and diffusers. All of their scents are made right here in the U.S. and they offer one of the largest and best selections of aroma lamps for aromatherapy and fragrance oils in the market. Their premium incense sticks are soaked for 24 hours in some of their most popular fragrances.

Aromar also offers scented sachets, air fresheners, and incense burners. Check out their website at to see their full line of start-up packages for retailers who are just dipping their toes in the Aromar water. Each product start-up package comes with a full display, making the products pleasing to the eye for customers to buy. Retailers can place an order on their website or give them a call at 786-477-4174.

Aromar is a part of Mar Company Distributors. The company distributes three brands including Aromar, Rocket Scent (concentrated air fresheners), and Oopsie Poopsie (toilet bowl fresheners). All three brands can be found on Aromar’s website.

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