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Buckle Down for This 8-Week Digital Fashion Event

Joining five of the largest US-based fashion trade events including MAGIC, COTERIE, PROJECT, MICAM Americas, and CHILDREN’S CLUB in a centralized digital hub, retailers will be able to shop, discover, and learn at this eight-week-long digital fashion event. Discovering new brands has never been easier, and retailers can log on whenever they want, wherever they want.

Going Beyond the Traditional B2B Experience

Informa Markets Fashion and wholesale ecommerce platform NuORDER have partnered to launch the industry’s largest digital trade show, debuting September 1st at 9am. This event was built to go beyond the transactional of traditional B2B wholesale commerce and now, for the first time, retailers and buyers can shop from brands from New York and Las Vegas at the same event.

Navigating the Digital Marketplaces

Those who are registered will receive an email on September 1st once the event goes live which will contain the link to the digital trade show. Each digital marketplace is merchandised by product segments, creating discovery journeys using shopping prompts and cues for a more efficient shopping experience. Each marketplace will be frequently updated with refreshed content for better brand and product discovery.

Each digital merchandise is fully shoppable, with different brand offerings and contact pages to place orders with brands directly through the site. Whether you’re looking for footwear, contemporary women’s fashion, or children’s wear, retailers are able to shop different brands through each digital marketplace at their leisure throughout the entire eight-week period.

Educational Experiences

Each digital marketplace will also have separate sections for brand and product discovery via trend and category-driven editorial roundups, including specialty curations by fashion staff and tastemakers. Community insights for each marketplace include fashion innovators, disruptors, brand makers, and lead designers featured in behind-the-brand Q&A’s and videos meant to ignite progressive creativity and drive brand discovery.

The content will be highly visible and directly shoppable from each editorial feature, directing attendees to new products available to their respective brand in all of the marketplaces. This makes for a much more efficient shopping experience than ever before, as well as educational content for each brand. This content will also be constantly refreshed each week on an ongoing basis, so retailers can keep checking back for new discoveries.

What to Expect From Each Digital Marketplace

  • MAGIC – This marketplace is really the home for all of the brands that would show up at FAME in New York. These are more affordable fashion women’s brands that are great trend-driven and young contemporary apparel and accessories. Different brands include BB Dakota, Bella Dahl, Chaser, Coalition LA, and more.
  • COTERIE – This is more of a home for contemporary women’s fashion apparel, accessories, and a curated selection of footwear brands. These products will be a little more high-end than MAGIC. Different brands include Azulu, Barbour Inc., Black Halo, Joie, Kash, and more.
  • PROJECT – This is the home for all of the men’s fashion products, including apparel and footwear. Different brands include Blank NYC, Meyer MMX, Robert Graham, Moose Knuckles, and more.
  • MICAM America – This is the premier destination for global footwear brands and talent. If you are an apparel retailer who wants to start selling footwear, or are a specialized footwear retailer, this is the marketplace for you. They will offer men’s, women’s, and children’s footwear. Different brands include Aetrex, Joules, J/Slides, Paul Green, and more.
  • CHILDREN’S CLUB – This is the home to all children’s apparel and fashion accessories. Different brands include Busy Bees + Miss b, Kushies, Lola & the Boys, and more.

Don’t miss the first edition of this digital trade show event. While brands will be showcasing new products through dynamic digital showrooms, there will also be curated educational content on each marketplace that is constantly refreshed throughout the eight weeks. Retailers who would like to attend can register for the event here: www.reg.fashionresource.com/digitalevent.

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