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It’s hard to spend a penny on the high street | Shops and shopping

You report that high-street footfall is still down on pre-Covid levels (How Britain’s high streets are recovering after lockdown – visual analysis, 31 August). Surely one of the reasons must be the disappearance of public WCs? These have vanished at a speedy rate in recent years, and Covid has led to even more being closed, or operating a “wait outside until someone else emerges” system. Not convenient.
Josephine Ellis
Tunbridge Wells, Kent

• Most parts of the official response to Covid-19 have been too slow, and some are hard to understand. Getting back from an enjoyable trip at the weekend to buy hiking poles, ping-pong bats and a swimsuit, I found a letter telling me to shield, a mere five months into lockdown. I have had no change in diagnosis over the period, but I did have Covid in March.
Becky Tunstall

• I did a Covid-19 test (Letters, 28 August) on 16 May in a car park in Dalston, east London. I have yet to receive the result. Is this a record?
Carolyn Taylor

• Getting to the top need not be a nasty business (Report, 31 August), but being incompetent seems to help.
Hugh Edwards
Grange-over-Sands, Cumbria

• Jerusalem (Letters, 31 August) is also well known to quiz enthusiasts as the answer to: “What is the only hymn in the English language that begins with four questions, the answer to each of which is no?”
Mike Hallworth
Shrewsbury, Shropshire

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