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Crocs standardizes merchandise management across the globe

A specialty footwear brand is unifying customer engagement and merchandise management on a cloud-based retail platform.

Based in Broomfield, Colo., Crocs operates more than 350 stores in the U.S., Canada, Singapore, Australia, France, Austria, Netherlands, Germany, South Korea, Japan, and China. The company is deploying cloud-based Aptos solutions for POS, merchandising, audit and operations management, and analytics across its global retail enterprise. 

According to Crocs, it is already seeing benefits from the Aptos rollout, including improved inventory productivity as a result of insights exposed by Aptos analytics, as well as faster, more seamless checkouts with Aptos POS, including using Aptos mobile POS to interact with customers throughout the store and offer shoppers contactless payment options.
In addition to delivering engaging and efficient experiences to customers, Crocs also seeks to better understand each consumer and what they want to buy. Crocs partnered closely retail strategy company Sophelle on the deployment.

Crocs has been increasingly adjusting its customer experience to meet the needs of omnichannel shoppers since the outbreak of COVID-19 in March. Examples include automating its entire image management lifecycle, and ensuring its SAP ERP system could effectively manage and track all sales so it could continue to satisfy customers while delivering a seamless experience. 

“Crocs’ implementation of Aptos solutions is vast, spanning both front-end and back-end systems and extending across our retail stores in North America, Europe and Asia,” said Doug Goehl, VP, global retail IT and people systems, Crocs. “By embarking on this technology modernization journey, Crocs now has a unified retail platform that allows us to gather deeper insights, enabling the brand to serve our consumers better, deliver the right products to the right stores at the right time, and operate our business in a more profitable, data-driven manner.”

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