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Tag: computer

Computer Vision Supports Retailers’ Automation Efforts

Computer vision has turned from a R&D topic to an established technique for firms globally. In China, leading enterprises and solution providers are working together to demonstrate the business value of computer vision technologies. Many of them have achieved success across different use cases in the retail industry. We already know that digitizing the in-store experience requires a digital store …

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Amazon recognizes computer science teachers

Amazon is introducing the Amazon Future Engineer Teacher of the Year Awards. The awards are meant to honor and recognize seven teachers and their schools who work to help students in underserved and underrepresented communities build skills in computer science. Prize packages are valued at more than $25,000.  The more than 2,400 teachers participating in …

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Computer Sixth Generation

Sixth Generation of computer The period of Sixth generation is 2000-till date. In the Sixth generation, ULSI technology became UULSI (Ultra2 Large Scale Integration) technology, resulting in the production of microprocessor chips having ten million electronic components. This generation is based on parallel processing hardware,Nano technology, AI (Artificial Intelligence) software. AI is an emerging branch …

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The Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Computer Games

One of the buzz words in computer gaming today is ‘artificial intelligence’. All right, so that’s two words really, but let’s not be too picky. What does it mean? Artificial intelligence is a phrase that has been around for years, and basically describes the ability of a computer to give the impression that it is …

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Outback Steakhouse minds the store with computer vision

A casual-dining chain is tracking customer interactions in real time. Outback Steakhouse is piloting Presto Vision, a computer vision solution that uses discreet cameras placed in the lobby and other areas of a restaurant. Hosts, staff, customers, and other individuals are automatically tagged in real-time and their motion is analyzed. Interaction effects such as host …

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