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Tag: keychain

Cute Baby Elephant and Teddy Bear Keychain

https://rlv.zcache.com/cute_baby_elephant_and_teddy_bear_keychain-r4f27abfa77ea4b3689cb9073a3eb58c9_fupuo_8byvr_630.jpg?view_padding=%5B285%2C0%2C285%2C0%5D Cute Baby Elephant and Teddy Bear Keychain Keychain with cute baby elephant and teddy bear. The elephant is wearing a blue striped winter hat and winter scarf and the teddy is wearing a matching scarf. The design is completed by dot background. The design is customizable and you can personalize the text. Buy Now

Bolivia Flag – Wiphala Keychain

https://rlv.zcache.com/bolivia_flag_wiphala_keychain-r6a489a217de44b40b6439467c1a719d1_x7jle_8byvr_630.jpg?view_padding=%5B285%2C0%2C285%2C0%5D You will never lose your keys or forget your favorite memory with this custom square keychain from Zazzle. The waterproof, UV coating will keep your images looking like new for years to come and hold your memories fresh like they just happened yesterday! Dimensions: Measurements: 1.375″ l x 1.375″ w Depth: 0.19″ Weight: 0.705 …

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