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Tag: perspective

COVID-19: India perspective 2.0 – Indiaretailing.com

COVID-19 outbreak continues to grow in many areas of the world, especially Europe and USA, with severe toll on health, health care systems and economies. Short-term trajectory of the outbreak across countries depends largely on what isolation measures are taken and how strictly they are enforced. Click Here To Download The Full Report Previous articleCOVID-19 …

COVID-19: India perspective 2.0 – Indiaretailing.comRead More

Artificial Intelligence and Its Importance From the Career Perspective

Artificial Intelligence, or simply termed as AI, as the name suggests, is the intelligence exhibited by the machines. By acquiring intelligence, although artificial, the machines will become capable of working and reacting like humans. Today, the artificial intelligence that exists is termed as narrow or weak AI. The future objective of the researchers is to …

Artificial Intelligence and Its Importance From the Career PerspectiveRead More