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Tag: puneet

Puneet Jain, Director, Odhni – Indiaretailing.com

Puneet Jain is an Indian entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist and humanitarian. He is the co-director of Delhi’s largest ethnic wear retail Odhni, which owns various large stores spread over 50,000sq.ft. He always had a passion for becoming a successful businessman. He also encouraged his siblings to have a vision in life at an early stage and …

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Puneet Gulati, CEO, Barista Coffee Company Limited

Differentiate or die. Cliched as it may sound, this mantra has helped Puneet Gulati multi-facet his career across verticals in media and retail sectors. He has an extensive experience in media and retail sector. In the past he has had successful stints with Zee Turner, WorldSpace and Outlook Publishing. Before assuming his current leadership role …

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