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Tag: serious

Congress must do more to address serious retail crisis

Many U.S. retailers are facing a financial shock from the coronavirus that has yet to be fully addressed by Washington lawmakers, L.L.Bean CEO Stephen Smith said Monday.  “I think it’s a really serious situation, and I actually don’t think it’s getting enough attention,” Smith told CNBC’s Courtney Reagan on “Power Lunch.”  Smith said his concern was concentrated …

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"Serious" Notepad

https://rlv.zcache.com/serious_notepad-r23397e5a3cad4baf91800c92e2b547aa_amb08_8byvr_630.jpg?view_padding=%5B285%2C0%2C285%2C0%5D Jotting notes is more fun with your own custom notepad! Printed in sharp and full color, these notepads look great with any color image, text, or design. Featuring 40 easy tear-away pages of FSC certified paper, custom notebooks are perfect for the home or office. Size: 5.5″ x 6″ 40 single side …

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