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Hunting for an RTX 30-series GPU feels like having a second job

September looked to be the highlight for PC hardware fans with Nvidia's next-gen Ampere upgrades set to mark a huge leap in performance. The RTX 3080 leaves the previous 2080 Ti behemoth in the dust with its impressive specs and almost affordable price tag, and the RTX 3090 is currently the fastest graphics card on the market. 

The 3080 FE isn't easy to track down

(Image credit: Nvidia)

I'm specifically trying to get my hands on an FE, which is something of a nightmare because Nvidia gives no warning of new stock (or even if there will be new stock at all) and clearly has no way to pre-order.

I saw a Reddit thread saying that they restocked a couple of weeks ago at like 5am in the morning, and it was quickly all sold out, which gives you an idea of how bad things are.

I've set up an extension that pings me of changes to the Nvidia order page (ie, if they remove the out of stock button), but so far it just shows that they're constantly making small tweaks to elements of the page to prevent that kind of nonsense—Phil Savage

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