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The best Star Wars novels and comics to read today

Star Wars: Squadrons, the first Star Wars flight sim in more than 20 years, is here, and it lives up to its legacy. With Squadrons on my PC and Baby Yoda still ruling merchandising with an iron fist, I’ve had Star Wars on the brain like so many others. As a devotee of Star Wars lore ranging from the obscure (nobody can beat my Arden Lyn) to the embarrassing (having read all the Young Jedi Knight novels), my interest in the upcoming space sim is off the star charts. But if you’re looking to make the jump to lightspeed, it’s important to choose the right ship, since a shady guy once told me that reading Star Wars novels ain’t like dusting crops.

If you're looking to dig deeper into Star Wars books today, here's what you should read.

If you only read three things

The Han Solo Adventures, by Brian Daley 

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The Han Solo Adventures on Amazon

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