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  • Brow Me Fiber Mascara

    Brow Me Fiber Mascara INR 699 Our Brown Me Fibre Mascara contains tiny microfibers that adhere to skin & hair, creating natural-looking fullness and definition. This all-in-one brow mascara gives bold, 3D volume and defined brows in a jiffy. The custom tiny, unique brush provides mess-proof, easy application with the coat of color. No flaking, …

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  • Intensely Rich Kajal

    Intensely Rich Kajal INR 170 Blackest. Safest. 12 Hour Stay Buy Now

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  • Zoom And Whoosh Mascara

    Zoom And Whoosh Mascara INR 650 You don’t have a boring personality, so there’s no reason for your mascara to have one – go from everyday natural to intense drama in one swipe. Its conditioning formula coats each lash with a rich black color and a lot of love. Zoom for the day, whoosh for …

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  • Browful Shaping And Defining Kit

    Browful Shaping And Defining Kit INR 950 Lift your brow game with our Browful, Total Shaping and Defining kit that lets you sculpt, shape and fill in your eyebrows. Use it wet or dry for optimum control, intensity and finish which perfectly defines and shapes your eyebrows in just one stroke. The micronized pigments deliver …

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  • Candy Man Eye Pigment

    Candy Man Eye Pigment INR 350 We’ve tasted the world’s juiciest candies and created eye pigments that rival the sweetest of them all. Let your eyes enter the world of pearly, sparkling, multi-dimensional color, where each shade was created to give your lids a touch of mischief. Buy Now

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  • Easy Roll Ink Eyeliner

    Easy Roll Ink Eyeliner INR 750 Liquid eyeliner giving you trouble again? It’s time for the Easy Roll Ink Eyeliner! Its revolutionary rolling disc applicator glides along the lash line for an effortless application; you get ultimate precision with ultimate ease. Our smudge-proof color lasts upto 24 hours – so you aren’t leaving the dance …

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  • Glitter Me All Dreamland Eyeshadow Palette

    Glitter Me All Dreamland Eyeshadow Palette INR 2,500 Glam your glow with our versatile eyeshadow palette fitted with 3 velvety matte, 3 glowing metallic, and 3 fluid metallic shades. The 9 luxe shades blend into your lids like second skin, taking you through your day and staying with you all night – like your BFF, …

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  • Hook Me Up

    Hook Me Up INR 1,350 Treat your lids this summer to the rich, velvety texture of our Hook Me Up eyeshadow palette. Its long-lasting creamy formula will hook you up with all your summer needs – bright pops of light and color with a touch of luxury for the girl who likes to play. Buy …

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  • I-Glide Eye Pencil

    I-Glide Eye Pencil INR 595 Get eyes to mesmerize with a single stroke of our I-Glide Eye Pencil. Its gel texture gives you a high-gloss, pearly finish that lasts upto 8 hours without creasing or flaking. Its waterproof, vibrant color is like love at first glide – that’s why special ladies like you buy one …

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  • Infinite 24Hrs Eyeliner

    Infinite 24Hrs Eyeliner INR 700 Get intense color that lasts upto 24 hours with just one stroke. Our Infinite 24hrs Eyeliner has a water-proof and smudgeproof formula that dries quickly to deliver a high-gloss finish on your eyelids. Buy Now

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  • It`S A Scandal Kajal

    It`S A Scandal Kajal INR 750 Get scandalous with our intensely saturated kajal that redefines your eyes with graphic precision. Its vibrant color glides on, even on the waterline. A silky feel for an iconic look that lasts throughout the day, without running or smudging. Just twist it out, get artistic and make a bold …

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  • Just Smoky Kajal

    Just Smoky Kajal INR 675 Do you want that mysterious, sexy, smoky eye that everyone is talking about on Instagram, the one that you have zero idea how to accomplish? Meet your newest BFF: the Just Smoky Kajal. Use it as a kajal, eyeliner, and eyeshadow for high-pigment color with every blend, for every time …

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  • Lash Illusion Duo Mascara

    Lash Illusion Duo Mascara INR 495 your lashes feel the love they deserve with our two-in-one Lash Illusion Duo Mascara. Two kinds of lash love in one tube: Lash Lengthening conditions and primes your lashes, while Lash Volumizing gives you thicker, darker, more dramatic lashes. Both formulas are , clump-free, and do not flake – …

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  • All-Matte Eyeliner

    All-Matte Eyeliner INR 700 Say goodbye to your liquid eyeliner woes – say hello to our high-performance eyeliner with a quick-drying matte formula that lasts upto 16 hours. Water-proof, smudge-proof, (basically life-proof), the All-Matte Eyeliner’s pro applicator delivers the deepest pigment with the smoothest glide – for you, for everyday. Buy Now

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  • Magical Double Duty Eyeliner and Eyeshadow

    Magical Double Duty Eyeliner and Eyeshadow INR 850 Double the magic, double the drama – for the first time ever, Colorbar brings you a liquid liner and eyeshadow duo in one slender stick. Its high precision tip gives your eyes the ultimate definition, and its rich color blends over your eyelids for an intensely metallic …

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  • Mesmereyes Kajal

    Mesmereyes Kajal INR 299 Get MesmerEyes with Defensil – our unique protective tonic made from the magic of Hyaluronic acid, and Vitamins E, C, and B3. Our rich, moisturizing formula delivers an intense color that lasts upto 10 hours, making eyes appear brighter and more energized on application. Buy Now

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  • MesmerEyes Kajal Duo

    MesmerEyes Kajal Duo INR 448 We couldn’t get enough of your MesmerEyes so we brought you a duo of this power-packed eyeliner. Double the love, double the magic – our uniquely nourishing blend of skin-loving vitamins and hyaluronic acid hugs your skin for 10 hours. So go on dazzling with your bright-eyed smile. Buy Now

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  • Moon Lava Eyeshadow

    Moon Lava Eyeshadow INR 850 Make heads turn with our magical liquid glow eye shadow that bursts with glitter. A lightweight water infused formula, which set smoothly and locks in sparkles. With minimal fallout it’s sure to keep you shining bright all night long. So you get long-lasting lustre and 3D metallic shine with an …

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  • Nude 12 Eyeshadow Palette

    Nude 12 Eyeshadow Palette INR 1,800 It’s time to go Nude with our Nude12 Eye shadow Palette. From your deepest secrets with Black Matte to gossip with Shimmery Pink, each shade has something special for you. Its smooth texture effortlessly melts into the skin and unleash your sassy side. Ideal for your boss lady look, …

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  • Party All Nite

    Party All Nite INR 1,350 Flirty pinks, brilliant blues, and smoky grays – all in one palette? Sign us up! Go from summer nights to winter nights to rainy nights, with your most dependable partner, Party All Nite. Created with a smudge-proof, crease-proof, and long-lasting formula, we bring you intense color that is highly blendable …

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  • Precision Waterproof Eyeliner

    Precision Waterproof Eyeliner INR 425 With a flexible felt tip applicator, Precision Waterproof Eyeliner defines your eyes through thick and thin. The quick-drying, waterproof formula remains flawlessly intense without smudging, flaking or cracking. Buy Now

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  • Pro Eyelashes

    Pro Eyelashes INR 750 We like our lashes to steal the show, the more drama, the better they look! Lightweight and comfortable, these 3D faux mink Pro Eyelashes blend seamlessly with your natural lashes for a flirty, full finish. A perfect choice for pros and first-time users; opt for a simple look using classic eyelashes, …

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  • Smokey Eyeshadow Palette

    Smokey Eyeshadow Palette INR 1,350 For the queen of the night who isn’t afraid to turn up the smoke – our Smokey Eyeshadow Palette brings you seven iconic, melt-in-your-skin shades that can turn any night into a hot night. Created with a smudge-proof, crease-proof, and long-lasting formula, we bring you an intense color and a …

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  • Stunning Brow Pencil

    Stunning Brow Pencil INR 650 Fill and brush your way to breathtaking brows with our Stunning Brow Pencil. Comb your brows with our built-in pro brush, and use the pencil to fill any gaps with our blendable, smudge-proof, all-day formula – for beautiful brows, without the pain. Buy Now

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  • Ultimate Eye Liner

    Ultimate Eye Liner INR 550 Bring out your inner doodler and grab the Ultimate Eyeliner, the ultimate sketch pen for your eyes. This easy-to-use sketch pen eyeliner is waterproof, transfer-proof, and lasts upto 16 hours. Its high-pigment formula effortlessly delivers a rich definition – so go forth and draw a masterpiece. Buy Now

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  • Wow Brow Pencil

    Wow Brow Pencil INR 650 Transform barely-there brows into fuller, natural-looking arches with our Wow Brow Pencil. It builds, defines and thickens your lashes for the perfect sculpted look. The natural pigmentation softly deepens and fills in the color evenly while the integrated tiny nylon fibres are ideal for spot filling sparse or over-tweezed areas. This waterproof …

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  • Melted Crystal 24Hrs Eyeliner

    Melted Crystal 24Hrs Eyeliner INR 750 Glitz your way to red carpet glam with our Melted Crystal 24hrs Eyeliner. Its high-pigment formula is waterproof and smudge-proof, giving you a brilliant shine and a rich color that stays on your lashes all day and all night (until you wake up the next day, wanting more). Buy …

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  • 30 Days Growth Booster Mascara

    30 Days Growth Booster Mascara INR 825 Experience the miracle magic of our 30 Days Growth Booster Daily Treatment Mascara. Formulated with seaweed and lemon extracts that will make your lashes 1 mm longer in 30 days of regular use. Intensely nourishing and fortifying, our natural formula leaves you with lashes that appear thicker, longer, …

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