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BUGS BUNNY™ With Carrot Postage

BUGS BUNNY™ With Carrot Postage

Make all your correspondence special with PhotoStamps by Stamps.com. Put a personal touch on all your snail mail or share this useful gift with friends and family.

  • 20 PhotoStamps by Stamps.com per sheet
  • Stamp size: 1.875”w 1.33”h, Design Area: 1.0414”w x 1.664“h
  • Permanent self-adhesive labels with USPS watermarking and security features
  • Professionally printed color PhotoStamps by Stamps.com
  • Ready for use

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USPS & Stamps.com Eligibility Criteria

Stamps.com PhotoStamps Content Restrictions

Disclaimer: The rates and services provided above serve as a general guide. Please consult with your local Post Office™ for the exact rates needed for your mail.

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